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Full Moon Party – How It Started

Posted by Lucas on March 13, 2015
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The Full Moon Party  was first held in 1983 thanks to visitors of  Paradise Bungalows. The party was organized to coincide with the full moon. The first travelers said the most beautiful full moon in the whole world is right here, on Koh Phangan.  At that time the local environment had no electricity and no road traffic to the sea. It was really true nature, which includes beaches, coral reefs and sea. The area was beautiful, peculiar but wonderful. Especially when darkness fell and full moon moved into position at the center of the beach surrounded with mountains. The full moon still  shines supremely beautiful today.

There were only 20-30 people who attended the first party,  they were tourists and residents of Paradise Bungalows.  The people grew close together. People came here to stay for days, waiting for the party and enjoying the pristine beach and unharmed (back then) nature. Some of them stayed for months and waited for the next (and the next ) party. They invited their friends and told them about Koh Phangan. That’s how the fame spread.

The current format of the Full Moon Party is a lot different. With the initial number of participants ranging from 20 – 30 people it is now closer to 20,000 – 30,000 people. It makes it one of the biggest parties in Thailand. The parties last as long as the visitors can stand. It’s usually a best practice to book a couple of nights more, so that you can sleep it off.

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